About us

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Satwik Ventures provides growth capital for late stage private technology firms

We work with a large network of Investment Banking firms specializing in each technology vertical. We have invested in many technology companies since 2000 funding growth capital from Satwik Fund and introduced many of those companies to raise capital from Institutional Investors, Family Offices, and High Net-worth Individuals.

We help founders, investors and employees achieve liquidity for their common shares, preferred stocks, warrants and options in private and IPO financing transactions.

We have organized a highly-skilled national network of broker-dealers, analysts, accounting firms, trading platforms, and research analysts to provide all resources necessary to raise capital, trade shares, and support positive investor relationships. We have experience and ability to solve complex problems required by diverse teams, joint ventures, and alliances to meet high value and common goals.

Meet the Team

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